CEO Message

New satisfactions to your business and life.

We have grown with the development of information society since our establishment in 1985, supplying leading-edge communication devices to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout Japan which support the underlying economy of the country.

Over the past years the information and communication industry has become more complex and sophisticated, driven by the growing demand for smart phones and tablet computers, the widespread use of high-speed wireless technologies such as WiMAX and LTE, and a prevailing style of interactive communication via internet such as SNS, and customer needs for communication devices have also become more diverse accordingly.

It is our sincere desire to continue contributing to both of our corporate and individual customers, by identifying their needs and issues, proposing our uniquely integrated "one stop" solutions, and providing them with new satisfactions in their business and personal lives.

Expansion of Business range

We offer a wide range of products and services including business phones, office automation equipment, ISP services, broadband services, corporate mobiles, DoCoMo shop operations, marking supplies (or printer consumables), LED lights and photo voltaic system, and we will continue our efforts, fully utilizing the synergy of our diverse business groups and divisions, to further expand the range through supplying in a timely manner our valued products and services to our general consumers as well as SMEs.

Enhancement of corporate value through innovation

To enhance our company groups' sustainability, it is important to take agile and precise marketing actions to identify potential customer needs and promote innovations to convert such potential needs to effective demand. To this end, we all will work together to resolve issues for our valued customers, while proactively assessing ever-changing market circumstances in each business and continue our efforts to improve customer satisfaction by seeking the most appropriate solutions for each of our customers to create new value.

We regard the current drastically changing business environment as a challenge for "evolution". We will endeavor to increase the value of our group companies by promoting "Expansion of sales of products in response to changing times (such as LED lighting)", "Development of sales channels through M & As, alliances with our partner companies, etc", "Investment in and development of human resources", "Maintenance of healthy financial position with reasonable profitability", and "Full compliance with governance".

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